Gestures create comfortable way for users to interact with mobile devices and enable speed in user action. It has become so important for mobile applications that if it doesn’t work well or not liked by the user, can pave the way for negative results.

Different mobile platforms have different gestures and more and more gestures are getting introduced. Google and IOS have their own set of guidelines for gestures. We at correctoapp believe that testing of Gestures is very important and our team is expert in doing that. Some of the basic gestures are swipe, slide, scroll, tap, patterns, touch-hold, pinch, zoom, tilt, smile, wink, blink, shake and so on.

User Scenarios and Usability


User Scenarios testing is the key element of enhancing the quality of the product. Releasing of mobile application without any testing is a big risk and have bigger implication now because of high expectations from the end users.

While user scenarios or functional testing in itself is an age old testing attribute, which will continue to be the main area testers focus on, we offer different style and approach for functional testing by keeping in mind the agility and time constraint.



Many mobile application use mobile camera, speaker, gallery, files and folder of the phone and also interact with some features of other mobile application like signing in using social media account, online payment using third party gateway, sharing information on social media using another app and so on. This all needed a testing and we at correctoapp focus on this by categorizing it as the Integration testing.

Device & Platforms


It is not necessary that a perfectly running mobile application in 1 mobile can run the same way in another mobile. With multiple mobile platforms with their different versions and thousands of mobile from different manufacturers having different display size, memory size and clock speeds create big surface for mobile application to fail anywhere.

Our team at correctoapp make sure that your app’s compatibility get verified with various platforms and devices to help get downloaded and used by masses. We have a smart mobile test lab equipped with all the combinations of devices with different platforms and their versions for continuous testing as a service (CTAAS).



Accessibility testing is also one of the parameter which correctoapp feels as area of focus while doing mobile testing. Any developed mobile application becomes anyways accessible for most of the people but it becomes challenging for people who have disabilities like vision, physical, cognitive, deafness and so on.

Our team help in making mobile apps easily accessible for impaired people to not only benefit such people but also improve company’s reputation and increase user base.



In the world of mobile applications, we often hear the terms like native app, web app and hybrid app. The way of development of those types of app is different and so is the need of the device accessibility, speed, API Access, Approval process and so on.

This all demands different set of testing for each application type by keeping in mind the device fragmentation and cross browsing.



One of the most powerful feature that mobile device and applications bring is the location based service. GPS or Global Positioning Systems in mobile helps to determine the current device location which is used in maps, camera apps and social media apps.

Since the results of GPS varies by different geographies and interference caused by surroundings, its testing needs a different approach. We at correctoapp follow a different and full proof methodology created by our experts to test the location factor in mobile applications with also focusing on app performance and battery usage.



It takes mere seconds for a mobile user to uninstall a mobile app or leave a mobile website due to poor performance or crash because mobile users are very impatient. Around 72% users expect to start/load an app in within 2-3 seconds and only 9% users accept real delays. Also more CPU, battery and memory usage make user unhappy easily.

Efficiency and performance problems with mobile applications can lead directly to revenue loss, brand damage and diminished user productivity which we at correctoapp feel that it needs a separate testing.



Users use mobile application not only to view the content but also to interact with the content by navigating through its different features.

What we mean by Interaction here is how the mobile app reciprocate when the user interact and uses touch points on mobile app.launching the app, tapping different options, pressing device buttons and so on are part of interactions and needed proper attention while testing because it can be the deciding factor for the users whether they like the app or not.



Notifications are used to keep user updated about the latest things or new change if any and it also keep users engaged with the mobile app in one way or other. This is how notification has become an integral part of mobile application.

There are different types of notification like push notification, floating notifications, Advertisements etc. and the content of notifications keep changing based on the type of user and its need & interest. This dynamic nature of notification and its impact on mobile applications require specific testing.



There are specific design principles which need to be followed while developing the mobile application. This makes customers happy as they know how to use platform specific features such as swiping from left to right for switching view, or pull to refresh and update etc.

Different Mobile platforms have their own set of guidelines for design, usability and patterns. Non-compliance with the guidelines can delay or reject the publishing of mobile application.



Many mobile applications are reaching out to globally and even launching in various localized version as well for diverse audiences in different languages. Considering the above fact we at correctoapp feel that localization should be one of the core areas in mobile testing.

Our Experts here in correctoapp have built a detailed metholdology for testing and specically identifying the potential issues in localization by focusing on locale, culture, global translation engines and optimized test matrix to yield maximum test coverage.



In mobile application lifecycle, developers use agile development methodologies and so frequent releases with new incremental feature updates are becoming common. Also the new versions of mobile platforms such as iOS and Android get release time to time which raise a demand of specific testing to check the intactness of the application and also the compatibiity of it with the upgraded OS.



When a user uses a mobile application, data can be created which he might want to use in future like playlist in music player, frequently called people in dialer, events created in calender, No. of stages cleared in any game and so on. Synchronization in mobile app refers to data synchronizaton which is the process of establishing consistency among the data. If user changes the device, reset the device or reinstall the application, data should be intact and synchronized automatically after login which requires a specific testing.

We, at correctoapp have created a specific and unique framework with checklist to test synchronization with multiple devices and Operating systems.



Any mobile user has multiple mobile applications in his device which can send notification at any time while online which can be an interrupt when a user is using some another app. Even external interrupts like incoming call, SMS, Battery/Cable removal can annoy the user if the current running app is stopped or hanged. Interrupt testing is the process to replicate abrupt(enexpcted) interrupts to the application. We at correctoapp achieve this in various ways and techniques created by our experts.



A Mobile user might want to use the application in different ways by handling his device and changing the orientation to portrait mode or landscape mode. When the orientation changes, Sensors’ behavious and response also change which causes unexpected behaviour of the Mobile application.



We at correctoapp verify the working and behaviour of mobile application in different network types and modes like 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE. The whole functionality and speed of the app get tested here in correctoapp under different network settings, wireless settings and data settings.



We at correctoapp verify the working and behaviour of mobile application in different network types and modes like 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE. The whole functionality and speed of the app get tested here in correctoapp under different network settings, wireless settings and data settings.


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